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Make It

"Be a practical dreamer backed by action"

- Bruce Lee

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Personal Performance



Introductory Training

Beat Procrastination Individual Workshop

Are you on track to have the Best Year of Your Life (YB12), or are you struggling and falling into old habits?

To work through your specific concerns,  book a 30-min  "Beat Procrastination” and learn about:

  • Goal-Setting Mistakes

  • Reasons for Procrastination

  • Practical Strategies for Achieving Your Goals

This session is 1-on-1 and free of charge.

YB12 Classic

Step by step formula for creating and unfolding Your Best 12 months of life. It is a customised, one-on-one pathway to set you up, stay on the ball, and finish strong.


Simple. Proven. Practical.

YB12 Total Focus Workshop

This two-half day workshop is delivered as a call to action. The focus is on beating procrastination, self-analysis, mind mastery to help you to think above the crowd, A–Z action planning process and emotional management to empower you to meet the challenge of change. Our 90-day challenge follows this.


Short. Sharp. Decisive.

Personal Performance

"You are not tired. You are not inspired."


- Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Business Strategy

"There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there; you must go beyond them."


- Bruce Lee

Employee Engagement

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

See below for details

Business Strategy

If it worked for Google board, it’s hard to argue against it. But despite the growing number of entrepreneurs seeking external expertise, only a few dare to be challenged regularly. Dare you?

Introspection Lab

Lacking an intellectual sparring partner to evaluate ideas and mitigate the risks of wasting time, money, and resources through rushed implementation?

Growth Strategy

Annoyed at playing too small; however, taking the business to the next level takes too much time, money and energy?


Not sure how to get to the stage that business would not collapse when you’re not there?

Manage Numbers

Lacking Accountability and rigorous review of your results?

Interior Design


YB12 Results Program is an exercise in creating a focused, balanced, emotionally stable and high-performance team.


This is a strategic planning process straight out of traditional business practices that is proven and widely used in corporate and small business.


Empower people to win within business and life.


Drive results across an organisation with 13 months support to ensure you have the 'Best Year of Your Business Life'.

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