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Your Power

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says 'I'm possible'!

- Audrey Hepburn

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My name is Monika Kowalik-Pastrenacka and Aha Point is a portmanteau, a synergy of two core principles I believe in:


Seize the moment.

Get to the point.


These are the edicts to how I live, learn, and lead.

Cutting through complexity to connect the dots and be on point is my superpower. I assess and evaluate the core of my clients in order to better assist you in defining the most effective and efficient way forward that streamlines the process as simply as possible.


I utilize metrics and data to assess situations and help you achieve the desired results. My credentials are backed with more than 20 years of practical experience across four countries, spanning an expansive range of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, advisory, and sales. Additionally, I have logged thousands of hours training and coaching.

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My work style involves a ‘no nonsense’ policy – a challenging and direct experience that is to be expected when hiring an accountability partner. I learn about the world and myself through interactions with the people around me, all the wins as well as defeats. When not working in this capacity, I explore my other interests and hobbies that satisfy my learning appetite and zest for life. These include travelling, riding a motorcycle, meditation, yoga, martial arts, and nutrition. These encompass my holistic way of studying life, exercising both mind and body, and as well staying up to date on the latest certifications.


Your time is now

Strategy          Challenge          Metrics          Assess        Improve

.           .          .        .

Graduation Caps
Desert Highway



  • Chartered Accountant (ACCA)

  • Master's Degree in Management


  • Business Mastery T. Robbins

  • Key Person of Influence Accelerator

Training & Coaching

  • Certified Results Coach

  • Sandler Gold Level Instructor

  • YB12 Performance Consultant


  • Yoga Teacher RYT250

  • Nutritionist

  • Lifetime long practitioner

Aerial Images of Frozen Lakes_edited.jpg


The world needs people that are able to find new resolutions to specific issues that can pose significant challenges at any given time. The way to success is not replicating another person’s formula to success – but using the asset of the self to unlock your true potential.

- I am that person. 

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